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This product is GUARANTEED to get your soles ICY or your MONEY BACK!

Are you trying to make more money when reselling your kicks? Or maybe you're trying to trade someone for those grails you've always wanted? Think how much easier it'll be to get what you're asking for with your soles looking BRAND NEW! Ice Cream will have your shoes looking Deadstock again*!

Works on:
•Icy soles blue or clear. (foams, 11s, lebrons, kds, kobe etc)
•Any Rubber soles (playoff 12's, 3s, 4s, 7 toe caps)
•Jordan 13 pods
•Rubber Midsole (jordan 1, AF1, SB's etc)
•Glow in the dark soles (they'll glow brighter)

The process is simple and covered fully in the instructions. Think about it, all you have to do is apply and let it sit while you run errands, chill out or even go to class! It really is that easy!

I have sold over 4,000 bottles and give a money back Guarantee (you pay return shipping) if this product doesn't work. I'm that confident because I have like I said sold over 4,000 bottles and EACH customer has gotten the results they desired!

So what are you waiting for? It's simple, fast, effective and comes with instructions that are EASY to follow!

Note: The outcome on how icy your soles come depends on how many wears and how yellow your soles are. Not all soles will come back to Deadstock icy but I GUARANTEE they will look 10x better. Each bottle can ice 3-4 pairs* depending on severity of yellowing.